Film and Animation



We do not just produce any ordinary documentary but   documentaries that are bound to captivate your intended audience and sell your brand. We have immense experience and expertise hence quality is guaranteed. We  serve all kinds of clients ranging from corporates, SMEs to individuals fulfilling their requirements and intended goals with regards to the documentary. View our portfolio

TV commercials

Our team does leverage creativity and are experienced to produce Commercials that are bound to captivate and prompt your intended audience to buy the product and service that you intend to sell. As per our mission, we ensure that we partner with you for the sole purpose of your business prosperity. View our portfolio


Modern day market is quite competitive and to make a headways one has to develop a personal touch with their clientele. Through a Mini-series we ensure that you develop a personal touch with your clientele and make desired sales. We integrate the mini-series to your website, you-tube as well as social media sites for the sole purpose of developing close personal interaction with your clientele. View our portfolio

Events coverage

We  cover all kinds of events from corporate events to weddings. Our production is always in High Definition (HD) so as you enjoy the highest level of video quality. We also do create a web format for the event coverage for your reach to social media and YouTube. View our portfolio

Music videos

Our music videos display an integration of the creativity between the artiste and Figure. We  display professionalism from pre to post production stage so as to bring about a product that is at par with international standards. View our portfolio


We do professional animation services including Motion Graphics, 2D Animation and 3D Animation. These animation are bound to have your product and service viewed at a different angle by your clientele. The service is quite essential especially for interactive advertising, music videos as well as the real estate market. View our portfolio